Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first day at Mount Hope N.Y. - When I met Herbert

It was 1966 - Leaving from New Jersey with 4 of us in a packed car i remember my mother saying "we are going to a new place to live where there are lots of horses, dogs, cows, pigs, and you will love it"
At 9 years old this was a dream come true for me...

But little did i know or even care about what lay ahead...

I met Herbert the first his lazy-boy chair;
my first thought was
"who is this ugly old monster that my mother has brought me to?"
The feelings i had made me run as fast as i could away from this man strait to the barn i went and that's where i decided to live out my time in the much for first impressions...
I could sense the evil that no one else could...i don't know why i felt like this but some people can sense evil...i knew i could!

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  1. Hi Lisa, my name is Sandra Knox. My sister was Mary Melinda Knox. She was at Mt Hope for four years. I came to visit her in 1966 with my baby daughter, Sally. She was 9 months old.
    The problem was that Sally would scream bloody murder every time she saw Herbert. She would not let me take her into his room.

    I have so many stories from the two weeks I knew Herbert, I can imagine how you were affected.

    I would like to know if you were there when I was. Do you remember my sister?

    Respectfully, Sandra Knox