Thursday, February 18, 2010

leaving Mt Hope - 1975

Leaving mount hope;
It was 1975 something had happened and didn't know what it was...

Here comes Pat Burn with her arm raised high and my thoughts were
"im going to stop this now" i was 17 years old..I blocked and grabbed her hand to throw it down, i didn't think; i just ran away for the last time.
3 days later i was on a plane to Sarasota, Florida...where i currently live.

Mount Hope N.Y. - Trying to heal and wake up from this nightmare!

I just wanted to say thank you to all who read and comment on this blog.
Your comments about Mount Hope will help heal me and hopefully you.

Some of the subjects here may offend people but this was not my intention. The communication between us Weedbenders will forever stay with us for the rest of our lives...this is a kids story about weedbenders friendship and the evils we had to endure while at mount hope.

Lisa Scheibner

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Living in the barn with the Horses

Scheibner Family in 1970 with the Gavish Family at Mount Hope

Some people like the Gavish family were one of the family's that went against "Herbert's Little Way" and used him to get what they wanted...some people were not that smart and was sucked in to Herbert without question.

During my time in the commune i decided to live in the barn and away from all these brainwashed people...i was a wild kid with love of animals especially horses..

I was a great diver and spent a lot of time at the Olympic sized pool diving and swimming for hours a day.

Herbert always wanted perfection! "you need to keep diving and keep practicing until you do it right"
We were a bunch of clowns to Herbert and he was the ring leader that was amused by our performance...
We were puppets when Herbert pulled the strings we would dance! He was in total control of everyone and everything at all times...and he had his favorites too...i was NOT one of them!

My first day at Mount Hope N.Y. - When I met Herbert

It was 1966 - Leaving from New Jersey with 4 of us in a packed car i remember my mother saying "we are going to a new place to live where there are lots of horses, dogs, cows, pigs, and you will love it"
At 9 years old this was a dream come true for me...

But little did i know or even care about what lay ahead...

I met Herbert the first his lazy-boy chair;
my first thought was
"who is this ugly old monster that my mother has brought me to?"
The feelings i had made me run as fast as i could away from this man strait to the barn i went and that's where i decided to live out my time in the much for first impressions...
I could sense the evil that no one else could...i don't know why i felt like this but some people can sense evil...i knew i could!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About The Evil Dr Herbert Thomas Schwartz - Mount Hope Commune/Cult

Written by Lisa Scheibner A Child of “Mount Hope Commune” and the evils of Herbert Schwartz!.Mount Hope Commune/Cult, Herbert Schwartz, child abuse in Catholic Commune, Mount Hope, NY.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome to the world of me and my Milky Way. For all that are wondering Milky Way is My Pony.
This is just 1 blog of many about my life and my experiences be it good bad evil or whatever...

Look out world "LISA'S ON LINE!!!!

This blog represents, explains and helps me HEAL. This was written for all the little ones and all the weedbenders of my time.

LISA SCHEIBNER!!! Has discovered the "INTERNET" Lets Play!!!!

This Photo of Herbert

This was taken near the end of his life, became ever more simple and childlike as he himself lived this Little Way and taught it to us.

About The Evil Dr Herbert Thomas Schwartz

"The Little Flower's Theologian" was a title Herbert gave himself. He saw his role as that of exploring and expounding Therese of Lisieux' "Little Way"
A sick and devious Dr Herbert Thomas Schwartz follow this to the letter in "HIS OWN LITTLE WAY" in a sadistic dictator that destroyed lives and spread his sickness beyond this "Little Way" of Being whipped and beaten, drugged, and bound.
For years i hid in the barn and stayed and was raised by the horses. I trained and groomed and took care of hundreds of horses throughout the years. I saw right through Herbert and his sadistic ways...when others accepted i questioned which made Herbert very angry and cost me many many beatings!!!

sexual abuse is wrong. It cannot be justified. Even if it's Herbert doing it. Controlling weak people through mind control and physical abuse is wrong. It's not the Catholic way. Jesus did not tend to his sheep in this fashion. But as I know, Herbert did not follow Jesus. He followed his own desires even when his desires meant hurting people.

Herbert had his favorites and I was not one of them.
I was at Mount Hope and lived my childhood in the commune (cult) for 7 years. I have blocked many memories which later came back to haunt me in my adult years. I remembered the time when I Herbert started playing the excorsist 8 times and i ran through the brier patches and came home bleeding from head to toe. Then Dr Clair gave me a shot that put me out for 3 days. When i woke up they had tied me up to the desk in the mess hall and put a rosary around my neck with Hebert's teachings in front of me "which i never would read" i was fed bread and water only and no one was allowed to talk to me or they would be whipped until they bled!.

Herbert's deciples (whom I won't mention) carried me to Hebert's room. Herbert hit me in the face, and then again. After ward he ordered the men (his disciples) to pull my pants down and whip me with a belt until i bled while he watched. My mother and father never knew about this because i was not allowed to speak to them...That's how Herbert kept things hush hush...

I also remember a red and green light above his door when the red light was on you wouldn't ever dare to enter...dont know exactly what was going on just then but as i know from others there were sexual abuse going on behind closed doors that wasn't mentioned until his death...

Pat Burn (the spiritual mother in charge of the children) she did not like anyone in the Scheibner family. After she used to smack my ears and face constantly from the beginning until 9 years later. She hit me so hard and so frequently it gave me irreversible damage to my ear drums. My dr said it was caused from blows to my ears. Many years later i heard she was in a car accident and heard that both her hands were cut off...strange how god works....

Photograph of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux in the Carmelite Brown Scapular (1895)

(Bernard Bro, The Little Way, Christian Classics, 1980, p.82).
Therese of Lisieux
‘We must weakly carry our cross’ Therese remarked.

Yes, if we love mercy, we must consent

to leading our lives and carrying our cross deplorably badly.

Only then do we know that we haven’t been cheating,

we know that we’ve reached the light at the last.

Yes, says God, this is all I ask of you and you will be my disciple"