Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Living in the barn with the Horses

Scheibner Family in 1970 with the Gavish Family at Mount Hope

Some people like the Gavish family were one of the family's that went against "Herbert's Little Way" and used him to get what they wanted...some people were not that smart and was sucked in to Herbert without question.

During my time in the commune i decided to live in the barn and away from all these brainwashed people...i was a wild kid with love of animals especially horses..

I was a great diver and spent a lot of time at the Olympic sized pool diving and swimming for hours a day.

Herbert always wanted perfection! "you need to keep diving and keep practicing until you do it right"
We were a bunch of clowns to Herbert and he was the ring leader that was amused by our performance...
We were puppets when Herbert pulled the strings we would dance! He was in total control of everyone and everything at all times...and he had his favorites too...i was NOT one of them!


  1. Lisa,
    How did I not know you lived in the barn? Did you live in the barn before I lived at Mt Hope?
    Not denying you did; just saying if it wasn't before my time then I was even more blinded than I thought. Which is a distinct possibility. There were plenty of things in front of my nose I didn't see. I was taught not to look up. I was obedient. Yikes.

  2. BTW, don't answer to my google account--it's a group email. My email is and as you know, I'm on facebook, friend.